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  • My Husband Stop Sleeping With Me – Sugar Mummy Needs A Boyfriend – Apply For Free!!

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    I am Tigist ,43 years old from Addis Ababa ,I  am well educated and  successful woman and I am seriously fed up so I decided to contact you the admin of segentube.com to help me out. My husband stopped sleeping with me for the past 4 months and I have no one to cry to, I asked to know what my offenses are and he won’t listen talk less of answering me, I need a boyfriend of 25 – 30 years who is fun to be with, understanding, good on bed and can make me happy. Please you are my last hope so help me please.

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  • Best online resources to learn mobile apps

    How was your Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week, and general online shopping this year? We hope you got everything you wanted, and also that you didn't pick up anything unwanted, like a drive-by download or a ransomware attack.

    It's hard to track your packages when all your files have been encrypted by someone else! Most likely you were protected by your antivirus utility, but have you checked lately to make sure it's active and up to date? If you're thinking about a switch, or just want to see how your choice measures up, we can help. We've evaluated dozens of antivirus utilities and we identify our ten top choices here. A shiny new antivirus makes a lovely gift!

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  • The best online Colleges for Scholarship in America

    Distance learning has a wide appeal to a diverse population of Americans.It offers students a number of advantages, many of which dovetail with other social or lifestyle needs.

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    Online courses and degree programs suit working professionals who are looking to move up to management roles, often with their employers paying part or all of their tuition. It’s a powerful option for stay-at-home parents who are preparing for a new or re-entry career when they head back to work. Pearson Learning Solutions Senior VP Todd Hitchcock reports:

    “Learning is no longer limited to four walls – learning can happen anywhere – and it already is happening everywhere, everyday. The growth of online learning underscores this need for quality, flexible education programs that meet the demands of our 21st-century workforce.”

    Flexibility frequently leads the list of online education benefits cited by students and educators. A list of top-five online degree benefits includes:

    Flexibility: Time and location are factors that can limit education for students with family/work commitments. Online colleges and their programs break down time and distance barriers, providing classes, course materials and discussions with 24/7 accessibility.

    Access: No matter where they live, students can participate in an online degree program tailored to meet their professional goals. Students have access to subject-matter experts and many top-notch professors. The development of massive open online courses, known as MOOCs, has introduced students to world-renowned scholars from top-tier universities.

    Affordability: According to Wired Magazine, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York tallies the nationwide student loan debt at $902 billion. After factoring in lack of commute time, parking and related fees, the cost of online classes stack up to those taken in-person. Furthermore, many traditional campus-based colleges that have established online degree components are able to provide digital course materials, cutting textbook sticker-shock to students.

    Who is Best Suited for Online Learning?

    Any learning experience should be enjoyable and enriching. The question to ask is not, "Can I learn online," but "Should I learn online?" Prospective online students need to consider how they like to learn, because a thoughtful assessment of priorities, strengths, and goals will lead to the best decision.

    Online learning benefits each student differently. Some students may need the time flexibility, where they can hop online and submit materials after hours or early in the morning before work. Others gravitate toward the location flexibility, being able to work from home, a coffee shop or anywhere else that fits into their lifestyle. And for those who need a hands-on element to their education, many online programs have the best of both worlds, allowing for remote coursework but including campus-based or other on-site laboratory experiences.

    "Some students think online courses will be easier, but they're sadly mistaken. Online students shouldn't underestimate the need for self-discipline and structure."

    DAVID SCHEJBAL Dean of Division of Continuing Education, Outreach, and E-Learning UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN - EXTENSION

    Like classroom learners, online students need to be motivated. Beyond the desire to learn you need to be self-disciplined, have good time management skills, and be comfortable in an environment where it's just you and your computer. You need to be proactive and access the course frequently so you stay on top of the work. You’ll also need to be at ease communicating and interacting with other people without face-to-face contact.

    Choosing an Online College or Program: Finding the right online learning opportunity may seem challenging. Whether new to distance learning or a seasoned veteran, it's important to identify the situation that meets your education, professional and financial needs. One starting point is to research and review a ranking of top online colleges. Browsing schools with demonstrated online learning excellence can give students a great place to start.

    Second, make sure all target schools have been accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies and/or, if it's an online-only school, by the Distance Education and Training Council. Accreditation means potential colleges and its target programs have been thoroughly vetted by an independent higher education agency endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education (check out the best accredited online colleges of 2016). Finally, make sure you know exactly what you need from an online degree. The flexibility offered by many programs is great, but the curriculum, professors and resources should have the same quality as their campus counterparts. Don't be afraid to call up counselors and talk to current and former students.

    "Accrediting bodies are starting to require that schools offer the same services to online students as they do to those on campus."

    BETHANY BOVARD Instructional Designer SLOAN-C INSTITUTE: Once you've created your short list of schools based on the above criteria consider other factors that are important to you. For example, another aspect to think about is student support. Online learners have unique needs and it's important to select a program or school committed to serving those needs through various resources and support tools.

    Lastly, assess how well, or even whether, the school trains its faculty to teach online. Not every professor is cut out for online teaching. He or she needs to be comfortable with technology and be able to engage a virtual audience. Looking at a school's faculty website pages might give you a sense of the resources and training related to online teaching that are available to faculty, as well as the school’s expectations of faculty who teach online.

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