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  • Ethiotelecom officially announce that Online Mobile card selling to be started soon in Ethiopia

    Ethiopia's  tell-com  operator ethiotelecom has officially announced that  mobile card recharging will be started in the coming new year. According to ethiotelecom, any mobile recharging request will be processing will be  done using online systems. Currently there are 10 companies who are ready to provide that services. 

    The price of online mobile recharging will be 45% off than regular mobile recharging in terms of cost.

    Ethiotelecom says you can use bank deposit, a credit card , bank transfer using mobile transfer and  debit card to recharge your prepaid phone or mobile broadband service online from your phone, tablet or computer. This system will make life of users easy and friendly to get  mobile service just right from their mobile.

    One of concern of many people using the online mobile recharging service is that, how much is the web based online system secure? During payment processing,all connections to recharging mobile or internet service through the online form using browser web application  are  128-bit encrypted. EthioTelcom is guaranteed that  all your online payment processing transactions  and  personal and address details used during your online mobile recharging  will be  secure and safe.

    Currently Ethiotelecom is the only single telecom service provider in Ethiopia and it is owned by  government.



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  • Ethiopia's hotel booking engine that is siyago officially lunached with epayment

    Siyago a local company,Ethiopia's hopeful booking engine enters market. The local company focuses in Ethiopia and targets all small and big hotels, guesthouses,resort and lodges and hotel apartments. Siyago is a new local company established in October 2015, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Siyago as a local company and it is the first local company in Ethiopia in online tourism; it mainly focuses on online hotel reservations and online event arrangements. Ethiopia has potentially high number of unique places to visit and it is becoming hub for African diplomacy as a result there is high demand for local company for online tourism and online hotel booking system.

    Hotels in Ethiopia are growing fast both in number and quality as a result Siyago is planning to become number one hotel booking player in the country, Ethiopia. Currently Siyago is focusing local in the nation and it has listed so far more than 55 hotels in Addis Ababa and it around, but having using local potentials.

    In Ethiopia there are around 2000 hotels including one start hotel and five star hotels. This is really a big market for siyago that is why they are just working hard with professional business management to make siyago hotel portal to be number one choice in nation. Siyago is also planning to expand to neighbor countries with an aim of bringing easy and transparent hotel booking to an even wider audience across the Africa continent. Though Siyago comes with great business plan, it faces some challenges that are beyond its capabilities. Software expert at Siyago explains in their demo presentation in the launching ceremony that in online booking system, unless the booker is paid, you cannot be sure, to make sure and confirm the booker, it would be necessary to have an online payment gateway to confirm every bookers request this makes our system a little bit hard to manage online users.

    Ethiopia does not have online payment gateway system and the worst thing is that it does not support any local company to have account in other countries that have online payment gateways. So now we are asking the government to adjust such online payment as soon as possible as this is not only siyago online services plc matter but it is a matter of many companies in Ethiopia. According Ethiopian tourism ministry,Ethiopia is one of the top tourist destination in Africa but still there a lot of tasks that should be done to increase the number of tourists and foreigners coming to Ethiopia.

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  • Ethiopia national police commission is improving in technology usage.

    The national police commission is in the process of transforming itself into technology based services. Now it is under huge transformation by making different applications available for public societies. There are lots of undergoing projects that will be finished sooner at the end of this year.

    Some of the projects are web based applications, emergency services and other criminal reporting system. According to government media, the commission aims to become east Africans best police institutions and commission.

    Today there are a lot of mechanism and technologies that are used to prevent crimes and to keep peace in the societies. As a result the police commission is improving its staff in both infrastructure and qualified man power.

    Having technology and qualified professional man power  will help the institution as well as the public  in general.Security technology reduces time wastage and increase work efficiency.





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