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Mobile Technology

  • Best Android apps 2016: download these now

    Best Android apps - introduction


    The Google Play store has exploded in recent years, with a proliferation of apps that can cater to your every need. The problem is: there are just too many of them, even with Editor's Picks, Featured and Best Selling, Top Paid and Top Free categories there to help



    And that's why we made this list. Like you we want the best apps for our Android phones. The apps that are going to revolutionise functionality or, at the very least, offer something so great that it becomes one of the must-have apps that has to be downloaded whenever you get a new handset.


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  • Is your phone already unlocked?SIM Card

    how to unlock sim card

    Unlocking SIM cards are common if you want to join another wireless network. The simplest way to unlock your SIM card is by contacting your Boost wireless provider. However, some third-party companies and websites provide cell phone unlocking services
    I Will Tell You How To Unblock A Sim Card Without Puk. Its Very Simple And Easy Method. The first thing to do is always to call ethiotelecom operators at 994 and ask for your puk code But you can also use this trick if you have an old Nokia phone Follow።
    1. First Of All Take Your Phone In Your Hand…
    2..After That Put The Blocked Sim Card In The Phone..
    3. Then Switch off The Phone For Two Minutes, And Remove The Sim From Phone..
    4. ...After That Put Back The Sim Again, Then Switch On The Phone.. 

    5.After That Enter This Secret Code *22233421# Its All Then Press A New Pin As You Wish Like – *2121# Etc.


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  • iPhone mobile secret codes [Helpful ]

    *#06#    :  It helps to know IMEI Number of any phone i.e. it will work on any smartphone

    *#21#   : This code displays information about call forwarding (calls , video and data)

    *#62#    : Information call forwarding if phone is switched off or in case of none of service is available

    *#002#    :This code disables all call forwarding!

    *#30#  :This code allows or blocks the phone number calling you!

    *#31#  :Allows you to hide your phone number

    *#33#  :This code will give you a list with multiple configurations like ( call , sms , data etc) and show whether they are enabled or not

    *#43#  :This code helps to verify status of call waiting like SMS , Data and Sync data

    *#61#  :To know missed calls

    *3001#12345#*  :To display many of the inner settings of your Iphone

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  • Save Money on your smartphone Bill Cut the mobile internet

    Once a month, your mobile bill lands. How much are you paying for calls and mobile Internet? Is your iPhone really worth that type of outlay? Do you use your Android tablet enough to justify paying over $50 a month?

    Mobile networks have had it too easy from consumers over the past few years, but as Wi-Fi coverage increases, there is a decreasing need to bother with mobile Internet and ridiculously ornate call packages.

    That money is better off in your pocket, not the bank accounts of cell phone carrier shareholders.

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  • How to secure your mobile phone?

    How to Protect Yourself from Mazar BOT: There are standard protection measures you need to follow to remain unaffected: 

    1. NEVER click on links in SMS or MMS messages sent to your phone.
    2. Go to Settings → Security → Turn OFF "Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store" option.
    3. Always keep an up-to-date Anti-virus app on your Android devices.
    4. Avoid unknown and unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots and Keep your Wi-Fi turned OFF when not in use.


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